For Philippe Mougin, it all started by hearing Mr. Benoît, his teacher, "a guy from Marseille", tell him "here, in this establishment, we can" iron "!" He was then 16 years old and his eyes, that day, were wide open, widely wide: "All these machines, these tools, in these workshops where the bitter-douce metal vapors floated, it was madness! Even that I got dizzy ... " After his course, he continued, with this same desire to play with fire, to assemble metal parts between them by means of fusion. In this almost "alchemical" process which makes that a thing transforms into another, these forms in its head have, little by little, become cabinets, lovesey, stools, tables, divans .... And then again after? Simply meetings and hazards. Avignon first, "La Ville Théâtre", with, in summer, these writers, actors, directors, sound engineers, and other creators ... and the discovery of things that accompanies it. He became a set of sets for the show, for 16 years. Then, once again, by opening his eyes very large, he gently slips from the utilitarian object to sculpture to abandon there today, completely. The memory of a visit to this Savoyard sculptor whose delicate works still make him dream today, was probably not for nothing in this process of transformation ...

Selected Works

Retour à Ithaque (1) by PHILS

Retour à Ithaque (1)

Sculpture - 83x59 cm
Boréal by PHILS


Sculpture - 90x70 cm
La Madone by PHILS

La Madone

Sculpture - 74x52 cm
Danser la vie by PHILS

Danser la vie

Sculpture - 100x51 cm
L'attrape rêve by PHILS

L'attrape rêve

Sculpture - 77x30 cm
Mélodie by PHILS


Sculpture - 106x58 cm
Le fil d'Ariane by PHILS

Le fil d'Ariane

Sculpture - 100x60 cm

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