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Véronique Dumont


From self -taught to prodigious revelation, Véronique Dumont invites us to explore human diversity through his art. His works to remarkable expressiveness, ranging from powerful features to more sweet expressions, transport us to an emotional journey between passionate moments and unfathomable mysteries. Mment the human condition models through art & nbsp; originating in the Paris region, Véronique Dumont, is a self -taught artist animated since always by a deep passion for the earth and the representation of man. Trained by her readings and her daily practice in her workshop, she translates this passion through her bust portraits and her bronze or terracotta works without ever being inspired by a living model. & Nbsp; sculpts that in recent years, his delicate and extremely precise work already reveals remarkable maturity and technical skill. & nbsp; born of applied and repeated gestures, bodies and portraits come to life in the expert hands of Véronique Dumont. Her works are animated by the sweet humanity that she manages to infuse them thanks to her mastery of the range of feelings and the art of translating them in matters. Thus, his art, at the base stripped of all artifice, takes on its full meaning to meet him. A simple sculpture to the exploration of the plurality of humanity the works of Véronique Dumont are invitations to explore the plurality of the 'humanity. Its singular and vibrant world is a carpet of surprises, where one can marvel by the force of certain figures marked by existence. A world, where we meet the delicacy of carefully drawn features, which captivates us by the fervor of a kiss, by questioning a pose or by the mystery of a gesture. & Nbsp; A unique universe populated by fictitious characters, women and men. Thanks to her rebuilding inspiration, Véronique Dumont invites the spectator to dive into her world, without any other desire than to share an emotion, a reminiscence, or an unforgettable moment. Considered as a successful "young sculptor", she announces a promising future. Its artistic flowering proves once again that the value does not depend on the number of years of experience. (Inspired by the text of Sophie Cloart)

Selected Works

Le Petit Moine

Sculpture - 76x22 cm


Sculpture - 58x48 cm


Sculpture - 57x37 cm


Sculpture - 49x44 cm


Sculpture - 26x21 cm


Sculpture - 86x68 cm


Sculpture - 53x40 cm


Sculpture - 57x47 cm


Sculpture - 30x27 cm


Sculpture - 47x19 cm


Sculpture - 34x60 cm

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