Véronique Vantesone


Since 1998, the year she went into contact with clay for the first time, Véronique Vantesone has experienced real fascination for this magic land and the creative possibilities it offers. She begins with the feminine nude, elegant and all in sensuality, but very quickly, it is the legs that hold her attention: these are the legs of women that she wants to sublimate through her creations. An ode to elegance and sensuality. An original and attractive universe. Fidelly to this reign of feminitity, its new series "Precious women" restores all its visibility to the female body. It is not by chance that, while founding its models in bronze, called with the name of precious stones, these latest creations insist on the dignity and vital power of women. We are struck, at first glance, by the importance of the area of ​​the belly and the hips: but is that not that life has its origin and its boom? Thus, she finds the inspiration of the first sculptors and the cult they returned, through their art, to the mother woman. Like a jewel in its setting, bronze sculpture floats in its acrylic glass.

Selected Works

Barber by Véronique Vantesone


Sculpture - 30x10 cm
Marin by Véronique Vantesone


Sculpture - 30x10 cm
Héro & Léandre by Véronique Vantesone

Héro & Léandre

Sculpture - 30x10 cm
Eurydice & Orphée by Véronique Vantesone

Eurydice & Orphée

Sculpture - 38x9 cm
Diamant by Véronique Vantesone


Sculpture - 41x9 cm
Chocolatero by Véronique Vantesone


Sculpture - 30x10 cm
Bolon by Véronique Vantesone


Sculpture - 30x10 cm
Ariane et Thésée by Véronique Vantesone

Ariane et Thésée

Sculpture - 33x9 cm
Agate bleue by Véronique Vantesone

Agate bleue

Sculpture - 38x9 cm
Entrechat by Véronique Vantesone


Sculpture - 60x20 cm


Sculpture - 12x40 cm

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