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Isabelle Abate


Through her terracotta and bronze sculptures, Isabelle Abate invites us to enter her imaginary universe, often inspired by animal figures. From artistic practice to teaching After studying at the Beaux-Arts de Bourges et Orléans, Isabelle Abate turns to teaching plastic arts. Now installed in Charente-Maritime, she devoted herself to body and soul to sculpture and releases her imagination with passion. Experimentation at the heart of its creation The sculptor Isabelle Abate plays generously with earth and matter. Her curiosity leads her to explore new avenues to find the great body of the earth in the clay. The artist experiments, lets himself be carried by his imagination, his creativity and his emotions, thus leaving to be born works with strong dreamrism. His sculptures are a silence of the hand that says what words cannot hear.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 45x15 cm

Mémère et ses chiens

Sculpture - 23x12 cm


Sculpture - 17x23 cm


Sculpture - 24x41 cm


Sculpture - 29x38 cm


Sculpture - 25x35 cm


Sculpture - 20x35 cm


Sculpture - 12x17 cm

Les bigoudènes étrusques

Sculpture - 18x22 cm

Bain de soleil

Sculpture - 18x30 cm

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