Alain Mandon


From painting to sculpture, Alain Mandon seeks to bring the colors, contrasts, three -dimensional effects. The volumes are also not immune to work on the body, especially that of women. An artist looking for the material Born in 1967 in Limoges, Alain Mandon, represented as a self -taught artist, always attracted by abstract creation. It was during a Royan holidays that the idea of ​​diverting the resin, used for surfboards, came to him, in order to freeze the liveliness of the chosen pigments on his paintings. The fluid aspect which emerges from the latter, which contrasts violently with the black natural sand, allows it the journey above a plow of molten lava. From matter is born the woman His sculptures sublimate the female body by making it timeless thanks to molten alloys which he projects so as to make the curves and the lines of an even lighter and graceful woman's chest. The cutting of its sculptures and their way of being cast gives them an ancient appearance rugged by time while retaining their beauty. Alain Mandon is played out of textures by mixing atypical materials such as resin, natural sand, or tin for a rendering mixing movement, matt and shiny.

Selected Works

Par amour by Alain Mandon

Par amour

Sculpture - 69x37 cm
Seduisante by Alain Mandon


Sculpture - 53x32 cm
Par amour pour toi by Alain Mandon

Par amour pour toi

Sculpture - 83x30 cm
Nais by Alain Mandon


Sculpture - 65x30 cm
Time to love by Alain Mandon

Time to love

Sculpture - 58x30 cm
Melodie by Alain Mandon


Sculpture - 56x28 cm
Adriana by Alain Mandon


Sculpture - 71x33 cm
Koh lanta by Alain Mandon

Koh lanta

Sculpture - 56x40 cm
Pour toi by Alain Mandon

Pour toi

Sculpture - 54x57 cm
Au large by Alain Mandon

Au large

Sculpture - 46x66 cm


Sculpture - 82x40 cm


Sculpture - 81x30 cm


Sculpture - 48x26 cm


Sculpture - 40x25 cm

Le taulier

Sculpture - 32x16 cm

Allumer le feu

Sculpture - 54x40 cm


Sculpture - 35x14 cm

Volcan d'Asie

Paintings - 100x30 cm


Sculpture - 60x30 cm

Mon imagination

Sculpture - 83x40 cm

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