Pascal Fauvet


Pascal Fauvet is passionate very young for photography and then specialized in architecture and design. His series of photos are very successful, he exhibits in art galleries in Paris and Brussels. For some of them, his artistic gaze associated with his sensitivity to the design offers an original aesthetic, such as on the series "caricatured image". Since the early 90s, he has lived in Provence in the Var hinterland. He installed his workshop in the old oil mill in the village. Key to everything, each technique, each material is a pretext for creation: photo, video without forgetting sculpture and design. Whether photographic or sculptural, Pascal Fauvet offers works that modify the perception of our environment. “Everyday life blinds us, contemplation is a way to awaken our consciousness.” he assumes. Behind each work, he wants to stimulate our conscience. The aesthetics of his works is based on a precise balance of shades and spaces and on a dynamism which corresponds to the living and committed personality of the artist.

Selected Works

Globe Fauvet "J'adore" by Pascal Fauvet

Globe Fauvet "J'adore"

Sculpture - 230x150 cm
Jeux métric by Pascal Fauvet

Jeux métric

Photography - 100x150 cm
Consumérisme by Pascal Fauvet


Photography - 100x150 cm
Résonance by Pascal Fauvet


Photography - 100x150 cm
Cendrillon by Pascal Fauvet


Photography - 100x100 cm
Coupe rouge by Pascal Fauvet

Coupe rouge

Photography - 100x150 cm
Coupe vert by Pascal Fauvet

Coupe vert

Photography - 120x80 cm
Antinomie by Pascal Fauvet


Photography - 100x150 cm
Fluo by Pascal Fauvet


Photography - 80x120 cm
La lame by Pascal Fauvet

La lame

Photography - 100x200 cm

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