Bernard Métranve


Born in 1949 in Mézières, Bernard Métranve received a literary and artistic training. As for adolescence, he is convinced that he will be a plastic artist and that he will follow the path of artists like Brancusi, and Moore. He will begin by exploring all the modes of expression: painting, poetry, ceramics, direct size. Very impressed by the first arts, he conceives a sculpture based on spontaneity, the purity of the lines, the surprising beauty and the strangeness of the nature. Many exhibitions follow the tropical countries where he successively lives: Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire and Colombia. In 1989, he returned definitively to France and set up his workshop in an old cellar in the Loiret. The meeting of an exceptional founder, Abel Marta, will decide him to favor bronze sculpture. From 2015, he moved to his wife in Barbizon. He created his new workshop there. After a long analog period, current works are mainly abstract. It is an abstraction inspired by natural forms but which seeks to include architectural rhythms.

Selected Works

Parfums by Bernard Métranve


Sculpture - 45x28 cm
La feuille by Bernard Métranve

La feuille

Sculpture - 79x52 cm
PETIT TORSE BLEU by Bernard Métranve


Sculpture - 32x15 cm
Dualité I by Bernard Métranve

Dualité I

Sculpture - 28x24 cm
Fantaisie 19 by Bernard Métranve

Fantaisie 19

Sculpture - 52x28 cm

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