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Nicolas Desbons


Trained in an industrial design, Nicolas Desbons, juggling between specifications from locksmithing and ironwork, and his own passion: the sculpture of steel. Indeed, when he works the material, Nicolas Desbons likes the flexibility of female bodies and tries to create colorful female silhouettes. His privileged way: that of steel Born in 1969 in Paris, Nicolas Desbons turned to high school towards artistic studies. In 1989, he entered the preparatory class at the A.T.E.P and studied a year later at the California College of Arts and Craft in San Francisco. It was after training in industrial design, that he devoted himself to steel and begins his learning of locksmithing and ironwork in Montreuil, at Fred Vigy. After a year, he finally created the E.U.R.L "Desbons Design" in Montreuil which, in 1999, became "the Iron Box" in association with his former apprenticeship master. Passage from the status of industrial designer to that of artist In 2001, Nicolas Desbons completely changed track and workshop to acquire the status of artist. Since then, exhibitions and salons have followed one another. He notably had a notable success in France, Belgium, Hollande. "The words of the sculptor are sometimes entangled with sawdust and shavings, raws of their state, they are looking for themselves in the magma of impressions. I have long explored the feminine with a little of fear and now more to the easy. I am looking for the masculine, not easy, less known, less flexible and this is some stammering of a new direction which manages in this tumultuous era or the places, the roles, the stories are jostled, mixed, asticotated, bored. . A funny period when man is looking for his place both in the face of technology and vis -à -vis women in the chaotic eddies of this era which always spins faster. " To read : Interview with Nicolas Desbons

Selected Works

Madame Archer

Sculpture - 84x44 cm

Back lace

Sculpture - 92x40 cm

Madame Gustave

Sculpture - 87x37 cm


Sculpture - 112x33 cm


Sculpture - 80x41 cm

Still here

Sculpture - 79x42 cm

Still here meret

Sculpture - 83x43 cm

Moi aussi

Sculpture - 71x50 cm

Milou en mai

Sculpture - 90x30 cm


Sculpture - 85x37 cm


Sculpture - 79x43 cm


Sculpture - 118x36 cm

La dame blanche

Sculpture - 97x27 cm

Silver C

Sculpture - 92x38 cm


Sculpture - 67x30 cm

Blue lace

Sculpture - 120x36 cm


Sculpture - 76x56 cm


Sculpture - 83x34 cm


Sculpture - 41x74 cm

Naked lace aléa

Sculpture - 73x36 cm

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