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Franck Guedj


I have the exploration of the image world from a very young age.

Passionate about nature, sport and travel, it is allowed to meet exceptional men and women. I then crossed the path of photography and the production of films, as a logical sequence of my passion for the capture of emotions, actions, and sensations.

Behind each of my photos there is an adventure, an exploration, a message and the kilometers traveled to reveal a cliché of a world in perpetual movement.

Franck Guedj.

Selected Works

Global warming 1.6

Photography - 84x210 cm

Global warming 1.7

Photography - 67x127 cm

Global warming 1.5

Photography - 59x156 cm

Impulse 1.4

Photography - 48x69 cm

Space sample 1.3

Photography - 70x70 cm

Sample space urban 2.3

Photography - 56x136 cm

Sample space urban 2.2

Photography - 126x86 cm

Sample space urban 2.1

Photography - 110x163 cm

Impulse 1.3

Photography - 56x106 cm

Air Car 1.7

Photography - 116x171 cm

Mouvement 3.6

Photography - 61x156 cm

Sample space urban 2.5 / Eiffel

Photography - 92x86 cm

Air car 1.5

Photography - 116x171 cm

Brut 1.1

Photography - 119x105 cm

Impulse 1.2

Photography - 56x106 cm

Impulse 1.1

Photography - 86x81 cm

Global warming 1.3

Photography - 97x145 cm

Mouvement 3.5

Photography - 61x156 cm

Space sample 1.2

Photography - 70x70 cm

Mouvement 42°

Photography - 70x105 cm

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