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Lulled by art since childhood, it is in his father's workshop that the artist Ralau has immersed himself with the passion for painting. It is natural that his fingers in turn seized brushes in order to express his own creativity. Self -taught artist, it is first on the walls that his style was asserted. Very sensitive to the world around her, she delivers the panel of her emotions on her paintings. Thus, a meeting, a sound, an image, find themselves absorbed by its inspiration before metamorphosing in bright and impactful colors. Music very important in his life undoubtedly brings all the vibrance that we find in his works. The patterns, with eccentric shapes are not confined to the framework of his paintings and know how to escape to deploy powerfully on the walls and facades, or even have forgotten objects in order to give them a new dimension. Thus, cymbals, skateboards, clothes can in turn be overwhelmed by this wave of tangy colors, which project them into a neo-pop universe to which they seem to have always belonged. The work of artist Ralau is both sparkling and punchy, and immerses us in an effervescent universe, swarming with energies, seeming in perpetual movement. To read : Interview: "Ralau, energetic and electric" on Kazoart

Selected Works

"Une bulle de rêve"

Paintings - 50x50 cm

Commission an artwork by Ralau

We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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