Nathalie Defradas


Nathalie Defradas began sculpture in 2002 at the Clermont-Ferrand School of Fine Arts, then at the Volvic School of Architecture. Very quickly, his work focused on the human body for his ability to translate emotions. The artist likes to marry in his works force and softness, energy and abandonment, give them an intensity of presence both dense and light. For her, Modeler is like a melee with matter, starting from an inanimate material to infuse her life, the mystery of a dream to share with the public.

Selected Works

Danse avec les vagues by Nathalie Defradas

Danse avec les vagues

Sculpture - 25x16 cm
Danse de printemps by Nathalie Defradas

Danse de printemps

Sculpture - 25x13 cm
Souffle d'étoile by Nathalie Defradas

Souffle d'étoile

Sculpture - 58x38 cm
Griffon by Nathalie Defradas


Sculpture - 38x50 cm
Fleur d'écume by Nathalie Defradas

Fleur d'écume

Sculpture - 40x14 cm
Le présent by Nathalie Defradas

Le présent

Sculpture - 40x20 cm
Origines by Nathalie Defradas


Sculpture - 37x14 cm
Dialogue intime by Nathalie Defradas

Dialogue intime

Sculpture - 57x36 cm
La force tranquille by Nathalie Defradas

La force tranquille

Sculpture - 52x48 cm
Dolce vita by Nathalie Defradas

Dolce vita

Sculpture - 33x54 cm


Sculpture - 58x49 cm

Fils de vulcain

Sculpture - 33x30 cm

Soir d'été

Sculpture - 32x55 cm


Sculpture - 39x28 cm


Sculpture - 48x26 cm


Sculpture - 48x23 cm


Sculpture - 26x17 cm


Sculpture - 49x34 cm

Fleur d'écume

Sculpture - 56x20 cm

Eté à Samothrace

Sculpture - 67x19 cm

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