Jean-Claude Carlet


Jean Claude Carlet meets the profession of potter twenty years ago and then very quickly his curiosity directs him towards sculpture and created a foundry workshop. Surrounded by naturalists and ornithology enthusiasts in a generous nature on the edge of estuary, creating birds in ceramic and then bronze became obvious. He does not seek to reproduce the birds or animals he encounters in a academic way, it is their curves and their volumes which are a source of inspiration, always guided by the need to get closer to the essential.

Selected Works

Pipo 1 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Pipo 1

Sculpture - 19x12 cm
Macareux 5 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Macareux 5

Sculpture - 16x12 cm
Pipo 3 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Pipo 3

Sculpture - 19x12 cm
Petite chouette 3 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Petite chouette 3

Sculpture - 8x7 cm
Macareux 7 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Macareux 7

Sculpture - 12x16 cm
Cettio 4 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Cettio 4

Sculpture - 9x16 cm
Petite chouette 6/8 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Petite chouette 6/8

Sculpture - 7x8 cm
Royo 2 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Royo 2

Sculpture - 12x14 cm
Héron 3 by Jean-Claude Carlet

Héron 3

Sculpture - 41x26 cm

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