Philippe Buil


According to his inspirations, Philippe Buil creates metal sculptures and embellishes his works with other materials such as leather, 24 -carat gold leaf, glass, wood ... His favorite subjects are busts, but You can also find animals or other subjects depending on your moods and desires. Sculpt the metal with finesse Born in 1964, Philippe Buil began his professional life in the metal industry, but after a few years, he wanted to mix his three main passions: metals, sculpture and invention. Model, create and give life After several months of research, he has developed a unique technique that allows him to make metal lace sculptures. His two favorite materials are bronze and steel. He obtains this lace by melting the metal with a drop, this process ensures that all the sculptures are unique parts.

Selected Works

Labradorite 32-15 by Philippe Buil

Labradorite 32-15

Sculpture - 33x11 cm
Belisama L'envol by Philippe Buil

Belisama L'envol

Sculpture - 36x34 cm
Pavarti Retrouvailles by Philippe Buil

Pavarti Retrouvailles

Sculpture - 52x24 cm
Duo de muses 12-24 by Philippe Buil

Duo de muses 12-24

Sculpture - 30x11 cm
Coquilles Saint-Jacques 10-24 by Philippe Buil

Coquilles Saint-Jacques 10-24

Sculpture - 24x17 cm
Flamme vanité 90-23 by Philippe Buil

Flamme vanité 90-23

Sculpture - 34x12 cm
Montagne Yogi 65-22 by Philippe Buil

Montagne Yogi 65-22

Sculpture - 27x18 cm
Siddhartha Bouddha by Philippe Buil

Siddhartha Bouddha

Sculpture - 55x45 cm
Kouros Action Vérité by Philippe Buil

Kouros Action Vérité

Sculpture - 55x45 cm
Ours Nandi by Philippe Buil

Ours Nandi

Sculpture - 31x26 cm

Coeur 9-24

Sculpture - 25x16 cm

Vanité 3-24

Sculpture - 16x18 cm

Ours 102-23

Sculpture - 12x20 cm

Crane 100-23

Sculpture - 16x10 cm

Crane 97-23

Sculpture - 11x11 cm

Eléphant 50-19

Sculpture - 12x17 cm

Bouteille Champagne 76-23

Sculpture - 31x10 cm

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