Isabelle Chambon


Having started out in film photography, Isabelle Chambon now works in digital photography. Self-taught, she became interested in digital tools and specialised. She anchors and expresses herself in a digital file, which allows her to conceive and show something other than reality. It's a question of exploration, of what the photographed subject initially conceals. Deconstructing and reconstructing the image, researching and blending colours and materials, all aim to open up a view within a view. Instantaneity fades and gives way to a representation of life that takes its source in a timeless unconsciousness, allowing her to visit, more deeply, that which cannot be seen at a glance. For her, this translates into digital work. The graphic palette is the tool that enables her to lay down, on the white space of the screen, what the imagination unlocks from reality. The digital brush has enabled her to engage in a pictorial dance that animates her emotions in a world made up of everyday scenes that are tenuously linked to the eye, inhabited or not by a presence.

Selected Works

Eclairage by Isabelle Chambon


Photography - 30x54 cm
Salle de bain by Isabelle Chambon

Salle de bain

Photography - 41x40 cm
Chute by Isabelle Chambon


Photography - 37x40 cm
Ambulant  by Isabelle Chambon


Photography - 32x30 cm
Penchant by Isabelle Chambon


Photography - 49x39 cm
Fenêtre de tolérance by Isabelle Chambon

Fenêtre de tolérance

Photography - 39x41 cm
Sablier by Isabelle Chambon


Photography - 50x36 cm
Le verre by Isabelle Chambon

Le verre

Photography - 52x42 cm
 Le chapeau bleu. by Isabelle Chambon

Le chapeau bleu.

Photography - 30x30 cm
Au bord de l'Erdre by Isabelle Chambon

Au bord de l'Erdre

Photography - 40x40 cm


Photography - 40x40 cm


Prints - 40x50 cm

La femme au chat.

Photography - 50x40 cm


Photography - 40x40 cm


Photography - 40x30 cm


Photography - 42x52 cm


Photography - 40x30 cm


Photography - 52x42 cm


Photography - 70x50 cm

Rêve diurne.

Photography - 59x42 cm

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