Florent Cordier


Plastic artist and videographer, Florent Cordier graduated from the Fine Arts of Caen with the congratulations of the jury. His visual universe attaches to man, to his essence as well as his representations. Between appearance and disappearance, visible and hidden, his visual research attempts to go beyond the image that we reveal. "I strive to divert traditional mediums by hybridizing them to new technologies. I am trying to create a plastic dialogue between painting, ink, video and presentation devices. Thus, ink is mixed with photography, painting becomes gesture and comes alive, the video leaves its traditional support and becomes installation developing in space. These spaces question our traditional relationships to the works questioning by the same the status of the work and its reception by the spectator. Man and these representations are at the center of my questions, he appears fragile, sensitive, deadly. " Back to the essentials in the work of Florent Cordier. The artist places man at the center of his reflection. Whether they appear in the open or the face reduced to abstraction, its subjects make up space with precision. We love this humanity which breathes in each of its creations.

Selected Works

Petite idole by Florent Cordier

Petite idole

Sculpture - 53x22 cm
Homme debout by Florent Cordier

Homme debout

Sculpture - 53x29 cm
Masque jaune by Florent Cordier

Masque jaune

Sculpture - 30x18 cm
Masque en dentelle by Florent Cordier

Masque en dentelle

Sculpture - 18x11 cm
Grande figure IV by Florent Cordier

Grande figure IV

Paintings - 110x75 cm
Femme assise. by Florent Cordier

Femme assise.

Paintings - 110x75 cm
Grande figure. by Florent Cordier

Grande figure.

Paintings - 110x75 cm
Homme debout. by Florent Cordier

Homme debout.

Paintings - 110x75 cm
Figure. by Florent Cordier


Paintings - 75x55 cm
Foule by Florent Cordier


Paintings - 76x166 cm

Grande figure III

Drawings - 112x76 cm

Grande figure II

Drawings - 112x76 cm

Grande figure I

Drawings - 112x76 cm

Madone III

Drawings - 77x37 cm

Madone rouge.

Drawings - 77x37 cm

Madones bleue

Drawings - 77x37 cm

Venus II

Sculpture - 39x24 cm

Maggy 3

Drawings - 77x55 cm

Maggy 1

Drawings - 77x55 cm

Figure 1

Drawings - 77x37 cm

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