Nazar Symotiuk


Nazar Symotiuk is an artist from Ukraine. Working with abstract wood plastic, he managed to find new pictorial and visual possibilities of the traditional material and synthesise his passion for impressionism, pointillism and optical art. Op art became a key direction for him and opened up a wide range of possibilities for the realisation of creative ideas. In the process of creating three-dimensional compositions, he combines the minimalism of simple geometric shapes and colour contrast to enhance the emotional perception of the viewer.

Selected Works

Spring's field by Nazar Symotiuk

Spring's field

Sculpture - 90x150 cm
Filling 1 by Nazar Symotiuk

Filling 1

Sculpture - 143x100 cm
Secret portal by Nazar Symotiuk

Secret portal

Sculpture - 81x81 cm
Uroboros 2 by Nazar Symotiuk

Uroboros 2

Sculpture - 81x243 cm
Yellow line by Nazar Symotiuk

Yellow line

Sculpture - 96x92 cm
Cold waves 5 by Nazar Symotiuk

Cold waves 5

Sculpture - 80x160 cm
Cold waves 6 by Nazar Symotiuk

Cold waves 6

Sculpture - 80x160 cm
Pulse 2 by Nazar Symotiuk

Pulse 2

Sculpture - 96x92 cm
Pulse by Nazar Symotiuk


Paintings - 96x92 cm

Searching (huge)

Paintings - 240x240 cm

Pleasure metastases

Sculpture - 100x300 cm


Sculpture - 192x180 cm

Invasion 39

Sculpture - 97x91 cm

The identity crisis

Sculpture - 193x93 cm

The sin inside (blue)

Sculpture - 100x100 cm

Monosquare 4

Sculpture - 120x120 cm

The sin inside

Sculpture - 56x56 cm

The sin inside 8 (waves)

Sculpture - 103x103 cm

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