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        William Arvin

        William's work draws upon the visual language of advertising and cinema.
        William's work has been exhibited in numerous shows across San Francisco and Oakland.
        William makes his photorealistic paintings to a life-size scale.

        William Arvin is an American artist based in Oakland, California, where he creates figurative paintings in a photorealistic style. He usually works with oil paintings on canvas and to a life-size scale, drawing inspiration from the world of cinema both in terms of theme and style. With this focus on bright colours, impactful imagery and an interest in the commercial, William creates paintings that are reminiscent of the pop art style that dominated the modern art scene in the 1960s and 70s. The role of text is also central to his work, providing a visual language that is easily accessible to the viewer and that is also reminiscent of the calculated design of advertising that has influenced his figurative art.

        William Arvin’s Career

        William began his artistic journey by studying at the California College of Arts based in San Francisco and Oakland. Since then, he has remained in his home city and become a well-known name in the local art scene, exhibiting his photorealistic art extensively.


        Hugely popular in San Francisco and Oakland, William has exhibited his paintings in spaces across the city, including the De Young Museum, Gauntlet Gallery and various pieces in public spaces.

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