Trine Bork

Trine Bork is a contemporary visual artist based in Copenhagen.
Within each of her works, Trine captures the sensitivity and enigmatic nature of time.
Trine explores semi-transparent surfaces in her paintings, sculptures and installations with moving sensitivity and tenderness.

Contemporary visual artist Trine Bork lives and works in Copenhagen. Trine holds a BA (Honours) Fine Art Painting from Glasgow School of Art, UK. In her sensitive and enigmatic works, including paintings, sculptures, installations and more, Trine plays with soothing pastel colours, subtle surface tensions and minimalist designs.

Style and Inspiration

Trine’s abstract practice combines a dual interest in painting and sculpture and an almost ethereal presence of the flat surface. On observation, most of her works expose certain subtle qualities hinting at the painted surface, whether through the application of her materials, the shaping of her subjects or her light, tender paint strokes. All her works have a minimalist, semi-transparent feel which, according to the artist, captures the experience of time as something fleeting and ungraspable.

Trine Bork’s Early Career & Exhibitions

After graduating, Trine Bork moved to Berlin in 2005, attracted by its diverse and nourishing artistic environments. In Berlin, Bork exhibited her work through various platforms such as Ayran & Yoga 1st Berlin Kreuzberg Biennale for Contemporary Art; The Forgotten Bar Project; and Forever and a Day Büro. With fellow artists, she also established two project spaces showcasing works by both emerging and established artists. Bork returned to Copenhagen in 2014 and became an active member of the artist-run exhibition space OK Corral (2017-2020) whilst exhibiting her work in several exhibitions in and around the city. Currently, Trine is working towards a solo show in 2022 with Space is The Machine, a new nomadic exhibition platform.

Selected Works

Monster 5 by Trine Bork

Monster 5

Drawings - 30x42 cm
Monster 1 by Trine Bork

Monster 1

Drawings - 30x42 cm
Monster 3 by Trine Bork

Monster 3

Drawings - 30x42 cm
Monster 6 by Trine Bork

Monster 6

Drawings - 42x30 cm
Monster 7 by Trine Bork

Monster 7

Drawings - 42x30 cm
Monster 4 by Trine Bork

Monster 4

Drawings - 30x42 cm
Monster 2 by Trine Bork

Monster 2

Drawings - 30x42 cm
Mountain by Trine Bork


Paintings - 55x43 cm
Infinity Pool Above Forest Lake by Trine Bork

High Sea 2

Drawings - 42x59 cm

High Sea 1

Drawings - 42x59 cm

Moon Above Time 1

Drawings - 42x59 cm

Moon Above Time 2

Drawings - 42x59 cm


Drawings - 59x44 cm

Nightwatch 2

Drawings - 59x42 cm

The Devil in Me 2

Paintings - 55x43 cm

The Devil in Me 1

Paintings - 55x43 cm

Early Bloom III

Paintings - 85x34 cm

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