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      Hazel O'Sullivan

      Hazel O'Sullivan has taken part in numerous group exhibitions across Europe.
      You'll find Hazel's art in the State Art Collection in Ireland.
      Hazel works with a range of mediums, painting on unconventional surfaces such as cardboard.

      Born in Dublin in 1998, Hazel O’Sullivan is an emerging Irish artist creating architectural artworks. Hazel approaches her practice from a mathematical perspective, creating beautifully proportioned paintings that are masterful studies in perception and perspective. She is unafraid to experiment with different mediums, working with everything from acrylic to oils, and even occasionally painting onto cardboard boxes, a process which enhances the illusions of perspective and depth that are central to her work.

      Hazel O’Sullivan’s Career

      Hazel is a recent graduate from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, where she studied Fine Art Painting. In addition, she has spent a year studying abroad at the University of Fine Arts in Münster, Germany. Hazel has received critical attention even at this early stage of her career, with her architectural paintings featuring in publications such as The Irish Times and the Irish Art Review.

      Exhibitions and Collections

      Hazel O’Sullivan’s geometric art has been featured in two solo exhibitions in her home country of Ireland, and she has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Ireland, the UK and Germany. You’ll also find her work in the OPW State Art Collection in Ireland.

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