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      Jo Holland is inspired by darkroom based photographers such as Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy.
      Jo is also a qualified meditation instructor.
      Jo works from home and from her studio in West London.

      London-based photographer Jo Holland works with digital and analogue processes to create hypnotic and meditative images. Jo makes her art without actually using a camera or film, and through repetition, reflection and the manipulation of images and objects, Jo forms work that resembles spiritual mandalas. At the heart of Jo’s practice is her fascination with light, and how it can function to evoke an innate connection with the beauty of the natural world.

      Life and Career

      From a young age, Jo has always seen herself as an artist. After leaving school, Jo did an Art Foundation and then specialized in photography when studying for a BA in Design. Jo’s creative expression is not just limited to her photography, she is a qualified meditation teacher, which informs so much of her practice. Jo’s abstract style is inspired by the act of meditation and the feelings it evokes.

      Jo Holland’s Process

      Adaptability and constant inspiration are two key components of Jo’s creative process. Inspiration comes at every turn, from the human experience, to travel, to animals and so on. Many of Jo’s ideas come about when meditating and often the greatest challenge is how to execute her ideas, which often turn out to generate her greatest successes. Jo cites Anish Kapoor, Yaoi Kusama and Georgia O’Keeffe as some of the artists she admires most.

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