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The Curator's Wishlist: She Curates' Top Picks on Rise Art

She Curates founder Mollie E Barnes takes us through five of her favourite pieces on the platform.

By Rise Art | 03 Aug 2021

We recently asked She Curates founder Mollie E Barnes to pick five or her favourite works on Rise Art for The Curator' Wishlist collection. Mollie takes us through her selection, and tells us just why she picked each piece.


Spanish Lullaby No. 092020 by Odilia FU


What is not to love about Spanish Lullaby No. 092020 from Odilia FU. The work sings a melody of powerful colour. The piece is so vibrant, and full of such movement that it would belt out from any wall, demanding the attention it deserves. 


Rescue (Marc Bauer's Cat) by Brenda Ullrich


I adore the work of Zimbabwean artist Brenda Ullrich. Her work Rescue is a definite pick for me. The rich orange clutched by the subject, contrasted against the muted toned background, make for a stunning, emotional and evocative work. 


Circle Experiment 1 by Mizue Yoshimura


Another colourful work is Circle Experiment 1 from Japanese artist Mizue Yoshimura. I find this series of works meditative in their rhythmical patterns and colour. They make me think of nature and presence.


O emetse mohala by Lebohang Kganye


I was so excited to discover the prints from Lebohang Kganye. The piece O emetse mohala as an Edition of 5 is a really striking piece. The figure, between resting in a chair and picking up the phone, intermingled with the light shining through the closed curtains, allows for an air of intrigue and mystery around them and their narrative. What is their story? 


Grandma Ji by Lindi Shi


Always a lover of prints, I really enjoy the works from Linidi Shi, particularly Grandma Ji. There is something so elegant and regal about this sitter, despite the mundane task to peel the apple. It is a caring piece and one with a lot of warmth to it. I love Lindi’s technical ability that shines through.

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