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Art Exhibitions in LA: What’s on?

Find out what’s showing now in Los Angeles and discover some of the best contemporary art exhibitions that the United States has to offer.

By Tim Halliday | 04 May 2021

While New York City might be the first place to spring to mind when you think of American art, the undisputed capital of the west coast has a growing reputation for some of the country’s best artists. Whether you’re a Los Angeles native or are just visiting, there are so many opportunities to experience exciting exhibitions from some of the best artists practising today. 

Los Angeles is a sprawling city that’s home to many galleries and art exhibitions, so we’ve curated a list of our top picks if you find yourself there. Bear in mind that you may have to book for these exhibitions, so plan in advance to avoid disappointment.


Cauleen Smith: Give It Or Leave It. Image courtesy of the artist and LACMA.


Cauleen Smith: Give It Or Leave It (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States, making it a must-see for art lovers in Los Angeles. Founded in 1961, it attracts nearly a million visitors every year, with permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

Cauleen Smith’s Give It Or Leave It is a wild ride into the depths of her imagination, drawing upon interdisciplinary media including film, video, and installations. The artist’s slightly surreal vision takes viewers on a journey through various spiritual and creative sites, creating a utopian vision of the world around us.

What’s more, Cauleen did most of her research for the installation in California, visiting various sites including Alice Coltrane’s ashram. This makes the exhibition a great experience for anyone looking to understand the local area and see some truly Californian art.


Doublestar (XXl; lV. "Bold as Love") by Jonathan Casella in Doublestar exhibition. Image courtesy of the artist and M+B Art.


Jonathan Casella: Doublestar (M+B Art)

If you’re looking for a more intimate gallery setting than the LACMA, head on down to M+B Art in West Hollywood. The gallery has a reputation for discovering emerging local artists and helping them to gain attention as they expand their careers.

Fans of abstract art won’t want to miss Jonathan Casella’s Doublestar, an intriguing art exhibition full of bold, graphic work. Each piece displays various daring combinations of patterns and colours, creating visually complex yet harmonious artworks. The work has a sense of flow and rhythm, exploring relationships between colour, pattern and form in unconventional ways. 

Jonathan was inspired by ideas of the body and self, and wanted to explore these without using any representational images. In his geometric art, he aims to conjure up the idea of unity between body and soul.


Larry Bell: Bill and Coo. Image courtesy of the artist and The Museum of Contemporary Art.


Larry Bell: Bill and Coo (The Museum of Contemporary Art)

Want to enjoy your art outside? The Museum of Contemporary Art is offering a socially distanced option for the Sculpture Plaza at Grand Avenue, created by Los-Angeles based artist Larry Bell.

Combining a public art space with the concept of exhibition, this vast glass sculpture is made in a series of red hues with different saturations. The result is an intriguing and interactive piece of sculpture that changes depending on the viewers perspective and the time of day.

The title makes reference to an unusual old film whose cast was a group of trained birds, with the titular ‘bill and coo’ being two lovebirds. Larry makes reference to this in the sculpture, creating a hollow at the centre of his architectural work that represents a nest for the two birds.


Geodesy 1004 by Andy Moses in CrossCurrents exhibition. Image courtesy of William Turner Gallery.


Various Artists: CrossCurrents (William Turner Gallery)

The William Turner Gallery’s latest offering showcases the varying expressions of creativity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, many of life’s normal activities came to a halt, and for some artists this offered the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into their work.

The exhibition features the work of Casper Brindle, Alex Couwenberg, Shingo Francis, Jimi Gleason, Peter Lodato, Andy Moses, Nellie King Solomon, and Jennifer Wolf. While each artist has their own distinct style and approach, the exhibition is united by an intriguing perspective on form and colour. What’s more, artists make use of unusual and experimental media, ranging from silk pigments to silver nitrate.

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