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5 Artworks to Make You Smile

Spring is in the air, and we’re feeling especially inspired today, letting our minds drift past the confines of our office and picking our wish list of works to put a smile on your face. Discover some of our brightest, most sanguine works and be inspired to invest in your happiness.

By Rise Art | 03 Apr 2017

We all know how transformational artwork can be, not just for our space, but for our mood. When it comes to the effect of art on our health and happiness, the proof is in the science. Countless studies have shown that simply looking at art increases blood flow to the part of our brains associated with pleasure. If it’s true that simply hanging art at home to admire is a surefire way to improve your mood (and to make your space sing, might I add) then you’ve never had more of a reason to start browsing for some beautiful new works... Consider it an investment in your own peace of mind and happiness.

Spring is in the air, and we’re feeling especially inspired today, letting our minds drift past the confines of our office and picking our wish list of works guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


1 Selfies with Bond, Alexandra Gallagher


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Ignite your imagination with one of Alexandra Gallagher’s surreal collage works. Turning popular culture on its head, she creates bizarre, dreamlike scenes with a humorous edge that would enliven your space and awaken your inner creativity. This glamorous piece puts a contemporary twist on the classic, iconic bond series and is guaranteed to bring some Hollywood glamour home.


2 Strawberry Fields, Stella Kapezanou


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Stella's original paintings capture sunny, languid scenes that fill us with a fond nostalgia for summers gone by, and holidays shared. By observing unsuspecting passers by, she is able to catch real human characteristics, painting quirky tableau-style pieces reminding us of a collective happiness.

3 Alfred’s Day Off, Samsofy Samlal


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We can’t get enough of Samsofy’s whimsical works. Heartwarming and hilarious at first glance, yet imbued with deeper social and political concepts, these works would make quite the talking point at home.


4 Love Birds (pair), Dave White


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Dave White’s charming animal prints are big, bold and bright. This brand new piece from the artist has a delightfully sweet edge, and would make a beautiful gift for a loved one. His textural, illustrated style brings real character and colour to the creatures he paints. His hand-finished gold leaf works are especially impactful, adding some shimmer to your space.


5 Snail Scream Sprinkles, Carl Moore


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If you’re looking for something to tickle your funny bone, Carl’s charming prints will do just the trick. Irresistibly funny illustrations in sunny colours capture our favourite animals in bizarre transformations. His characterful works would make a great addition to a salon wall, or hung as a series in the living room.


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