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10 Artworks to Gift Your Valentine This Year

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like giving the unique and unforgettable gift of art. Forget the flowers and discard the chocolates, this year think outside the box and show your nearest and dearest how much you care with art this year. We’ve gathered our top 10 favourite works guaranteed to dazzle your chosen Valentine, and commemorate a timeless and enduring love.

By Rise Art | 01 Feb 2017

Valentine's Day is the holiday of love and romance - the one day of the year dedicated to celebrating our relationships and showering our loved ones with affection. It's a yearly ritual that just wouldn't be complete without the ever-important gift giving, and at Rise Art, we think nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like the unique and unforgettable gift of art. Forget the flowers and discard the chocolates, this year think outside the box (pun definitely intended) and show that special someone how much you care with art. We’ve gathered our top 10 favourite works guaranteed to dazzle your chosen Valentine, and commemorate a timeless and enduring love.


1 Infatuation, Louise McNaught


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Many cultures associate the butterfly with the soul, making this work a wonderful Valentine's gift for more than one reason. One of Louise McNaught's brand new prints, this piece is illustrated in her characterful style, using passionate red tones and nature's miraculous symmetry to create a subtly romantic work brimming with symbolism.


2 Love is a Dog From Hell, Julia Cseko


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Julia Cseko’s original drawings have a humorous, almost satirical edge to them. Taken from her iconic 'Horny Corny Obsessive' series, this piece unabashedly dishes us a dose of love through quirky illustrations and trippy typography. Her unique works are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face this Valentine’s day.


Golden Arrow Part One & Two, Karenina Fabrizzi


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This delicate and sentimental artwork is taken from Karenina’s ‘Love’ series, and we can’t think of a more appropriate gift for your valentine this year. Using a combination of oil, acrylic, gold leaf, ink and graphite, she creates wonderful, layered works that are intricate in style and minimal in subject. Her asymmetrical silhouettes represent the precious bonds we share with those around us, making a beautiful gift for anyone, from a lover to a family member.


Antares & Love IV, Joe Webb


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This mysterious piece is seductively surreal, with an iridescence that reminds us of the otherworldly feeling of falling in love. Webb combines vintage and contemporary styles to create works that warp time and speak of love stories that span the decades.


Pink Butterflies, Corinne Natel


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This fun and feminine work would make the perfect gift for the lucky lady in your life. A hand cut swarm of butterflies gather to form the universal symbol for love on a bold backdrop of pink, with gold and silver shimmering wings that catch the light and draw you in. This delicate work is totally original and delightfully petite in size; we think it would look beautiful in a box frame, propped up somewhere precious.


Sticking Together, Naomi Vona


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Petite artworks make great presents with a personal edge, offering the bestowed the chance to place it somewhere close, be it a bedside table or even a study desk. Naomi's quirky, colourful collages add a surreal edge to vintage 'family album' style photographs, capturing the universality of love, and reminding us to cherish our relationships.




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Truly, madly, deeply in love and want to shout it to the heavens this Valentine's Day? Send the message loud and clear with one of Jason's statement prints. His figurative artworks are imbued with a sensuality, as dancing figures echo each other and melt together in motion. This daringly red artwork is especially apt for the Pop Art fan in your life.




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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that much is true for Rebecca Mason's works. With sentimental details to pour over in the small print, and a bold statement burnt in neon at the fore, these empowering artworks remind us of what it is to be human, bringing emotion and passion back down to earth through the power of text.


9 Lear Gaukur 07, Kristjana Williams


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Kristjana's artworks are the perfect mix of playful and sophisticated. Her detailed illustrations capture tropical, imagined creatures that conjure thoughts or faraway lands and future travels. This piece captures two beautiful birds frozen together in time, representing a timeless bond between two lovers.




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Renowned artist Rob Ryan is celebrated for his beautiful paper cut artworks that have a stunningly sentimental edge. We'd argue that any of his artworks would make an unforgettable gift this Valentine's day, but this particular piece has a magical edge, with a pyramid of poetic words that capture the beauty of lasting love.


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