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Out and About with Gabby Palumbo

This week’s Rise Art Guest Curator is the gorgeous Gabriella Palumbo, an interior designer, with a background in contemporary art, and founder of the award winning design blog FLAT15.

By Rise Art | 24 Oct 2016

This week’s Rise Art Guest Curator is the gorgeous Gabriella Palumbo, an interior designer, with a background in contemporary art, and founder of the award winning design blog FLAT15. Gabby loves all things design and is always on the hunt for inspiration from her travels abroad, high and emerging fashion, artwork and daily strolls around her colourful Notting Hill neighbourhood, pouring all of this back into her design and interiors projects. We asked her a few questions about her personal interiors and art style and her top tips for buying art. She also curated a collection of her favourite pieces, and picked out her Top 5 below.



Describe your personal interiors style in 50 words

I like to think of my personal interior style as contemporary eclectic. I truly love bright spaces and clean lines, but with that I enjoy the addition of texture, geometric patterns and natural materials in my interiors. I also like to infuse fresh greenery as much as possible.



Tell us about your personal art style in 100 words

My personal art style really varies, as I love so many different types of pieces. I did a Masters degree in Contemporary Art and so I am usually drawn to anything post war. I am also a huge fan of geometric and graphic patterns and tend to choose these types of prints to frame within interior spaces. I love their simplicity and how they look when combined as a set. I also love great photography, incredible artists such as Candida Hofer, Ed Ruscha and Richard Avedon provide such stunning photographic imagery that I often use their work as inspiration when choosing photographs for my spaces.



Kristin Gaudio-Endsley


Tell us how you use art at home and why it’s important for you

I am a huge believer that every home should have art! I think that while artwork brings character into a space, it also provides dimension, colour, pattern and even a sculptural element. In my own home I have so much art and I think it really reflects my personality and passion for design. I have everything from large canvas paintings, to an entire gallery wall behind my sofa of various black and white photography and sketches. When I am not investing in a new piece, I also like to experiment with displaying beautiful imagery that I come across, to create my own take on an art piece. I think that with art there are no limits.



What are your top tips for starting an art collection?

1 Surround yourself with art

Make a point to explore exciting exhibitions in your city. In London there are always new inspiring shows on at museums, galleries, auction houses and art fairs. I also love to buy art books for my coffee table, so I can read up on my favorite artists, this way I am surrounded and inspired by beautiful artwork on the walls and beyond.

2 Ask for advice

I think it's important to talk to people in the art world. Even if you are visiting a show or gallery, don't be afraid to ask questions and seek information (even though it can feel daunting at times).

3 Buy what you love

Exactly as we do in fashion or design, I think it is so important to buy artwork that represents your own personal style and taste. It will be on your walls for years and needs to be a piece that you believe in. Educate yourself on art trends and investments, but in the end follow your gut when choosing your art piece.


Gabby PAlumbo's Top 5 Rise Art Picks

Sunrise, Reed Hearne

Photography is one of my favourite mediums and I love the beautiful faded colours of this piece, as well as the architectural element it has.


Kiss was Beautiful, Tracey Emin

I am very drawn to neon art and although this is a print, it is a great way to have an element of neon on your wall that includes rich colours, design and in this case iconic text by Tracey Emin.


Nephile, Rosie Emerson

I love the moody and ethereal quality of this artwork. It has such calming colours and beautiful imagery.


Haworthia Fasciata, Kerry Day

This artwork is fantastic. Although it is a simple still life, it has vibrant blues and greens (that remind me of a David Hockney artwork) and just a positive feel about it. Also I am always drawn to greenery for my interiors in real life or within an artwork.


Untitled 1, Sarah Thomas

I absolutely love collage inspired art. This piece in particular is colourful, graphic and overall just a fun piece of art.


The Flat15 Collection

Here, Gabriella has curated a bright and edgy collection of contemporary artworks perfect for any space. Her love of nature, texture and clean geometry shines through in this colourful selection.



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