Styling with Art: Inspired by the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Posted in Out of the Studio by Mandy Poernig on 20th May 2016

For five days this May the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea are transformed into one of the world’s most fabulous flower shows. We’ll see stunning show gardens celebrating the best in garden design, and row upon row of spectacular floral exhibits that burst with colour. So what better time to celebrate this illustrious event than with our own favourite floral wish list…

Artwork: Summer Green by Corinne Natel

Summer Green

Corinne Natel

Summer Green was inspired by late summer days in London and you can really tell. The textured layering of acrylic paint creates a sense of energy reverberating off the canvas, and the bright pops of vibrant colours are the perfect way to incorporate pattern into a room without having to wallpaper an entire wall.

Furnishings: Statement Chair

You don’t have to go floral crazy in your home. You can choose to have one or two key pieces that are a real feature in the room, like this distinctive deco tub chair in vibrant wild flower velvet from Linley.

Art: San Carigol by Bruce McLean

San Carigol 28

Bruce McLean

This is the perfect depiction of the garden at night, the colours are really luminous and the combination of clean silkscreen print and hand finished strips of collage lends itself to detail and depth without feeling cluttered. This is one floral vision that is bright, modern and more suited to a simple environment that'll ensure it really pops – no frills and fuss here!


Floral furnishings are a great way to bring a hint of extravagance into your home without being overkill. Our very own Kirstjana Williams has launched these stunning cushions covered in illustrative wildlife scenes at Heals.

Art: Iris by Daniel Bourke


Daniel Bourke

I love this piece so much. The combination of insanely bright colours set against the fractured image of a fragile flower really draws you in. The mishmash of classical painting with a digitalised style just adds to the many contradiction’s that work within this piece. If you love floral but you’re looking to create a modern look into your home then this needs to be on your wall. 


It’s not all about bold colours and abstracts, this beautiful V&A bedding from House of Frasier is delicately adorned with beautiful individual wild flowers and grasses, to create a summery, chic, earthy look.

Art: From Seven to Eleven by Simon M Smith

From Seven to Eleven

Simon M Smith

Simon’s work has a gentile elegance. His creations are made by drawing on tissue paper from unwanted dress patterns using a fine-nibbed permanent marker. The layering technique adds a fragility to the individual flowers, creating a mesmerising decorative piece.

If you just can’t get enough flower power from this article then check out the likes of Paul Coghlin, Takashi Murakami and Kevin Dutton on the Rise Art website who all incorporate florals into their respective adopted styles.

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