How to Create a Screenprint

Posted in The Art-Isms by Anna Marrow on 04th August 2015

Tuk Tuk by Anna Marrow
Anna Marrow - Tuk Tuk
Cars in the Heat - Anna Marrow
Anna Marrow - Cars in the Heat
After training in Fine Art at UWE Bristol and then at Central St Martins, I came to the conclusion that I love to work with silkscreen. I think this is largely down to its limitless possibilities and flexibility. You can start with bold splashes of colour and go on to complete a work with delicate hand-drawn lines, scraps of text and collages of photographic imagery. I love screen printing! I've been screen printing as part of my practice for over 20 years. For me, I'd say the popularity of the screenprint is derived from the fact that the process is relatively simple and quick. The hardest thing you have to do when making a print is choose or create an image that's worthy of reproduction.
1. My prints tend to start off with a drawing in my sketch book.
Prints in different stages
Print Set up
Photo Printing
2. To turn a drawing into a screen printing stencil all you have to do is photocopy it in black and white, you can also use digital, photographic and found imagery as well as any auto graphic mark.
3. Once your stencils are ready coat your screen with photographic emulsion and, when it's dry, expose it to the UV light with stencils in place.
Screen ready to print
4. When your screen is exposed rinse the excess emulsion off and leave to dry.
5. While you are waiting for your screen to dry mix your colours. I've always used system 3 inks and medium but there are loads of others out there to try. The colours you choose will make or break your print so take your time when mixing and be really specific. Colour mixing is one of my favourite pass times! 
Pots of colour
6. You are finally ready to print.
7. And now you can build up the colours and end up with a beautiful, original screen print.
Mr Whippy - Anna Marrow
Anna Marrow - Mr Whippy
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