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New In October!

As the autumn leaves start to fall, curl up and browse our top New-In picks!

By Rise Art | 09 Oct 2015
As the autumn leaves start to fall, curl up and browse our top New-In Picks!

Laurence Perratzi

Laurence Perratzi is a figurative sculptor exploring expressive notions of the body in motion. Each work challenges gravity with athletic endeavours of the human form encapsulated within, or liberated from, a bronze sphere. 
A significant collection of Laurence's work is permanently exhibited at “La Residence” - the house of the French ambassador in London!

Boom by Laurence Perratzi


Harriet Hoult

Rise Art Head Curator Rebecca Gordon says, "Harriet Hoult creates abstract works that concentrate on colour and gesture.  They are unique in their ability to be at once bold and bursting with energy - whilst also retaining an overall delicate nature." 
Her works are beautifully framed in a clean and simple manner and would look fantastic in a contemporary, modern environment.

Untitled 6 by Harriet Hoult 


Kristina Brozi

Kristina's delicately rendered watercolour paintings eloquently display a transparency of colour - thereby creating paintings that are soft, dreamy, and full of light.
Her animal works contain a fun and humorous element which would make them perfect for a child's bedroom or playroom. 

Hedgehog by Kristina Brozi


Lorna Hope

Painter Lorna Hope depticts urban vingettes and shipyards, with the occasional venture to a seaside amusement park. She captures the fleeting beauty spied on an urban ramble, and elevates the daily detritus of city dwelling.
The detail found in Lorna's cityscapes will have you transfixed!

Gugi Goo

Serbian-born Gugi Goo trained and perfected her art in Milan.
Goo's energy-filled abstract artworks are activated with great washes of colour and a dynamic use of mixed media. They will make the perfect addition to any home!  

Darling, I'm so bored ... by Gugi Goo


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