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Football Art For Sale

Discover our selection of football art for sale. Browse our selection online, discover new artists working with everything from Football Collage and Football Photography and buy football art for your personal collection.

If you’re looking to add some photography to your collection then the work of Cody Choi is a great place to start. While most of his work focuses on dancers in action, you’ll also find his Self Portrait #13 that shows the artist suspended in mid-air as he hits a ball into the net.

A culture’s favourite sports and pastimes can provide an interesting mirror to society, and as one of the world’s most popular sports, football is a perfect example of this. The beautiful game has attracted the attention of artists as diverse as Banksy and Picasso, demonstrating the cultural significance of this game. Various exhibitions have explored the importance of this sport to the world of art, and you can discover some contemporary artists working with this subject right here.

Paul Nash was a British surrealist painter whose work mainly focused on landscapes and World War I. However, he also picked football as the subject of his painting Football Game. This black and white work shows the outlines of players starkly contrasted against a dark background, with a sense of motion created through the use of simple, clean lines. The crowded look of this canvas captures the energy and frenzied feel of a football game.

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    Diego Maradona

    Paintings - 50x40 cm

    Time to Play

    Paintings - 60x75 cmRent for $90 /mo

    Self portrait #13

    Photography - 76x101 cmRent for $95 /mo

    Our Ball

    Paintings - 40x40 cmRent for $225 /mo

    Partisanpaper 4

    Collage - 27x20 cm

    Screaming Goal

    Sculpture - 48x19 cm