Dada Sculptures For Sale

Explore our collection of contemporary Dada sculptures for sale online today. We showcase some of the most innovative contemporary artists in our expanding online art collection where you’ll be sure to find the perfect Dada sculpture for your home or office.

Tim Carson takes inspiration from this radical movement by incorporating found objects into his sculptures. Using these objects he builds a three dimensional structure from a flat surface.…

History of Dada

Dada was an artistic and literary movement established during WWI in Zurich. The movement was started by Hugo Ball and was popularised through his magazine, named Dada.

Dada made a mockery of traditional art values and bourgeoisie culture and highlighted the nonsensical nature of war. Even the name Dada follows this satirical nature as the word has no meaning. Dada artists state that ‘Dada is anti-Dada’.

Dada pre-empted Conceptual art by caring more for the idea than the process or finished product. Artworks were not intended to be aesthetically pleasing and were often purposefully uncomfortable.


Dada sculptures introduced ‘ready-mades’, which presented found objects, with little artistic invention, as art. These works questioned the role and definition of art

Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain (1917) was an upside-down urinal signed with a fake name. By presenting this as an art sculpture Duchamp made a mockery of the art world which questioned how we define art and the role of the artist.

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