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Discover our selection of food drawings for sale online today. Let our Curators introduce you to talented emerging artists who are using food drawings to explore contemporary food culture. Shop food drawings today to find smart, insightful artwork, perfectly suited to your home or office.

We live in a time when meals have been transformed into a visual artform in their own right on social media. While Instagram showcases staged, highly-mannered images of ingredients, Rise Art’s artists are using food drawings to interrogate and parody this trend.

Sophie Iremonger explores modern attitudes to food. Her work Lobster Conglomerate sees a red lobster set against a backdrop of overflowing fruit. The crowd of apples and oranges are portrayed in textured pencil with an emphasis on light and shadow but the lobster is hollow. The crustacean has been drawn in a minimalist style using only red marker pen and rests on an otherwise empty blue-rimmed plate. The contrast replicates the vast difference between the every-day functional food eaten by most people and the idealised, disembodied meals that appear online.

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    Spinach campbell's by Tarek

    Spinach campbell's

    Drawings - 23x16 cm
    Chicken soup by Tarek

    Chicken soup

    Drawings - 40x30 cm
    Couscous aux légumes by Tarek

    Couscous aux légumes

    Drawings - 23x16 cm
    Cervus soup by Tarek

    Cervus soup

    Drawings - 40x30 cm
    Caviar soup by Tarek

    Caviar soup

    Drawings - 40x30 cm
    Campbell's chorba by Tarek

    Campbell's chorba

    Drawings - 21x15 cm
    Lobster conglomerate by Sophie Iremonger

    Lobster conglomerate

    Drawings - 56x75 cm
    Table Manners by Kate McCrickard

    Table Manners

    Drawings - 80x60 cm
    Table Manners II by Kate McCrickard

    Table Manners II

    Drawings - 80x60 cm

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