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Cat Drawings For Sale

Find cat drawings for sale online today. Whether you are looking for a family friend to grace your walls or a unique cat creation to add to a collection, you can rent or buy from our wide range of cat drawings for sale. If you’re unsure where to begin your search, you can use our helpful filters to find whatever you seek from realistic cat drawings to mediums like pencil, charcoal, ink and more today.

Gek Ching Ieo creates unique pencil drawings of [hybrid animals] like the piece BIG (Black Is Gold).

Cats have forever been popular subject-matter for artists. Whether it is capturing their effortless, feline grace or expressing a cat-like majestic prowess, artists have portrayed cats in many and myriad forms. Some of the most famous feline drawings include the controversial anthropomorphization ‘Barber Shop with Monkeys and Cats’ by Abraham Teniers (1629-70), the Brother’s Grimm-inspired piece ‘By Day She Made Herself Into A Cat’ (1920) from Arthur Rackham, and “Le Chat Noir” (1896) by Théophile Steinlen too.

Find out more in our Guide To Drawings.

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    Drawings - 22x31 cm

    BIG (Black Is Gold)

    Drawings - 137x92 cm

    Lethargic Cat

    Drawings - 132x46 cm