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      Riccardo Cavallari

      I was born with a vision disorder known as diplopia.
      This means that the visions created from both my eyes do not converge into one single image.
      In simple words I see everything double.
      The result is a distorted image : two images that overlap with an error of 7 degrees, thus creating a very confused reality.

      Photography is, in the majority of cases, a monocular vision, therefore I see the world as “normal” only through the lens of a camera.
      Some of my images tend to recreate the world as I see it, even enhancing this distortion.
      I have been working for many years exploring multiple-exposure on a single frame, creating images that contain a large quantity of distortions, errors, shadows and spots allowing my medium to surprise me.

      I have been taking photos since I was 10 years old and I really photographed many things....
      Portraits though remain my real pleasure....

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