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Yannis Guibinga

Gabonese photographer Yannis Guibinga documents the many cultures and identities on the African continent and its diaspora. Currently based in Montreal, Canada, Yannis’ imagery is an unapologetic celebration of African identity; his work is a warm and artistic embrace of African heritage, tradition and transformation in the face of globalization and Western cultural imperialism.

Yannis Guibinga’s Artistic Practice

Preserving the revolutionary spirit of Malick Sidibé and Seydou Keïta, this artist-to-watch allows each of his subjects to tell a story and embrace their own unique experience. The artist’s richly hued portraiture is bold and majestic, inciting African people to assert their modern identities, take up space, and be proud of their culture and heritage. Experimenting with light, shadows and minimal yet striking palettes, as seen in Heatwave and Body Blue, Yannis’ limited edition colour photography makes for strong and independent statement pieces.

Exhibitions and Accolades

Yannis has received worldwide critical acclaim for his enigmatic and entirely original style. Not only has the photographer won the heart of clients such as Apple and Nikon but he has featured on endless platforms from CNN Africa, Document Journal, I-D to Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Condé Nast Traveler and more. Yannis has presented works internationally in Switzerland, South Africa, Nigeria, France, Russia, United States, Switzerland and elsewhere.

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