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Gérard Taillandier

Sculptor of the sensitive, Gérard Taillandier invites us to rediscover the beauty of the female body. Metal and clay succumb to its desires to form all the voluptuousness of female expression, thus delivering filiform, sensual and always very elegant silhouettes. Taillandier flies up very early on matter, fire, metals, in the workshops of his father and grandfather where the fires of the forge burned his pupils. Aptitude for dreams, the observation of reality transcribed by drawing Guide Gérard Taillandier, from the age of 15, towards places where to recover metals to assemble them in mysterious animals ... & nbsp; young student eager for curiosity, his scientific journey does not prohibit him from constantly modeling the clay. He works with drawing and painting, then goes to meet the melting of metals where the increasingly precise choice is brought to bronze. The expression of female beauty common thread of the works of Gérard Taillandier is essentially the study of the female body, the bodies are born, pure, smooth, to invade space; Fluidity of the silhouettes, slender lines, on its elegant forms, the hand wants to precede the eye. Abstractsluum, matter, energy ... It seems illusory to want to represent the origin of the universe, it is Yet an irresistible force that pushes him to model the very first moments of our cosmos. Abstraction? "Not really, the geometric shapes, the materials of material and lights reflected on bronze owe nothing to chance. Like bubble room shots, my sculptures are snapshots of material and energy that are at The origin of our universe. A very personal vision that floats in my mind as an obsession. "

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