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Deux nus

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Guillaume Larroque

Looking is not enough, you have to see, see everything, see better. And feel. By dint of observation, the object appears in all its complexity. Thus, the work according to model is not to be considered as a way to copy what is before the eyes, rather as an exercise in awareness. A simple reproduction cannot compete with this presence, with this incarnation. Imitation is of no help, you have to create, compose, make your way.
Unlearn to relearn. At first, the pencil makes it possible to delimit the ground. In its wake, the marks deposited are all beacons. With lines, traces, Guillaume Larroque revolves around the motif, advances, backs up, finds landmarks. Little by little, a rhythm is established. Observation and drawing balanced down to make one. The route is anchored, the lines are deeper, the gesture safer.
“The drawing then seems to enrich my vision of reality and this mink in turn specifies the drawing. Something appears, which surprises me: what was still abstract becomes figurative, the vision that I had joined what I have before my eyes. » - Guillaume Larroque

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