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Sophie de Fournas

Through the drawings of the painter Edgar Degas, Sophie de Fournas finds an infinite source of inspiration for her sculptures. The nudes occupy a primordial place in the universe of Degas as in his. These naked women entering or out of the bath, find themselves in their deepest intimacy, in their care, their toilet ... This energy as a form of meditation helped it concentrate on the healing, then on consolation after The disease and finally on bliss. Each of the statues of this series expresses the interiority of the body and the mind but also the fusion with its own feelings and needs found!
Sophie de Fournas comes from a family passionate about painting and sculpture. His great grandmother Aary-Max was a sculptor (awarded to the independents) and a poet. His great grandfather was a collector of art. He was thus Chagall's first gallery owner. In the newspaper Le "Rapide" of March 14, 1911 "" Our Toulouse artists will be this year again with dignity at the national exhibition of the Grand Palais which will open soon in Paris. This delicate Aary-Max sculptor exhibits two statues which will not fail to attract attention by the security of the lines The precision of the model and the truth of attitudes…. Aary-Max exhibited two years in a follow-up to the self-employed where its success was real…. "
It is quite natural that she experiences the need to revive and honor the ancients and especially Degas that she specifically admires for these naked women drawn and worked tirelessly.
Today, her art is always figurative ... fascinated and passionate about humans and more particularly woman, she works by trying to touch the expression, humanity, intimacy and emotion that he clear. During a long period, most of his sculptures were in patinated terracotta, worked with patience and precision, according to model living for many years, then according to photo, now according to drawing. Today, she devotes herself as a priority to bronze which gives her terracotta a different dimension and gives her the joy of applying different variations of colors thanks to the oxidation of nitrates worked in the torch.

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