Le colombien

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Les Helenes

Working with four hands, the Hélènes create and innovate their artistic works with their own. Their independence of character is certainly the best guarantee of creation, imagination, authenticity and quality. The Hélènes practice drawing, engraving, modeling of clay, sculpture on wood and glass as well as on bronze with the chisel. Glass in the first Lieutoute vie is animated according to meetings. The Hélènes were known in Antibes, on the benches of the Audiberti high school. They share their ideas with a singular aesthetic, from idea to material, creation is organized. They love glass, and wood appears at the bend of an exhibition in a large vineyard, barrel wood 100 100 In the Hélènes insert glass to create an ocean in a tree. After having engraved, sculpted the glass and the wood, the bronze appears magical and luminous. Wedding of noble materialsle glass, wood and bronze. These three noble materials live and dialogue when the Hélènes speak of the emerging mythological and legendary figures of the alchemy of bronze flows, glass rains and sculpture of hundred -year -old oaks. plastics where wood, bronze, glass, leading us from Africa merge, cradle of humanity, and Greece, the cradle of philosophy. A unique technique, limits the creations of the Hélènes have no limits whether in technique or in matter and follow the same idea, playing with light. The technical to create their bronze pieces is unique because they sculpt directly in silico-argile iron sand the imprint of their work Before pouring the metal, the mold being destroyed each time. A recognition of Paris in Mauriceleurs engravings are found in magical places from Paris to Mauritius. Alain Ducasse requests them for his restaurants, many interior architects will follow. & Nbsp; after the glass engraving, the Hélènes plunge into the sculpture of the glass and create works that they distribute in the largest galleries Congantly Lalique and Daum.

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