La pudeur

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Sophie Bocher

The work of the clay at the origin of all its sculptures recalls the essential relationship of man to earth. Sophie Bocher thus seeks to return to a form of primitivism where emotion would be expressed in the most refined and authentic way possible.
Between sculptural shape and raw emotion
Sophie Bocher has been a sculpture for 20 years. It was at the turn of a learning of painting, drawing and sculpture at the workshops of the Beaux Arts in the city of Paris for 3 years that she learns, experiences and defines her own style. Since 2014, his work has been turned towards the experimentation of materials, bronze, plaster, cement, sandstone and their singular property. Chamotté and concrete sandstone are chosen for their raw appearance, and to give an impression of minerality and destitution.
The artist is marked by the work of large sculptors like Brancusi or Henri Moore. A word of Henri Moore can echo his work: "The great and eternal problem is to combine the sculptural form as well as human sensitivity and meaning, that is to say to preserve the primitive form with its human content . »»
A development of forms through a constant balance
Sophie Bocher's plaster or bronze works are smooth and tense, they give off sweetness, calm and serenity. The color, when there are, is used to emphasize the material effects obtained and highlight the shapes.
In the midst of the diversity of textures is created a balance between abstraction and figuration, bringing the idea of ​​human to its essential and universal form. In more abstract works, balance is often created by possible recompositions of the work which is in constant motion, the modulations of the elements of the sculpture being often possible.
Thierry Savatier, art historian and journalist, wrote on the blog Culture du a full article on his work: Epurees-de-Sophie-Bocher/
To read: Interview with Sophie Bocher on Kazoart's blog

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