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Untitled (Versailles Window), France

Edition of 936.0 x 36.0 cm?
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Valentina Schulte

Photographer and sculptor Valentina Schulte explores the built and natural landscapes in which humans occupy and interact. The Sydney-based artist pays particular attention to the complex ecological systems and ancestral theorems that inform our understanding of interaction and spatiality - characteristics that define the quality of a space. Valentina studied at the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales, Australia, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in 2009.

Valentina Schulte’s Style and Purpose

Through two-dimensional mediums such as digital displays and photography and an expansion of static images into three-dimensional ‘sculptural photographs’, Valentina provides an alternative means to engage with form and material for both maker and observer. Her works offer a heightened understanding of space and time. To advance this, Valentina also utilises the structural space of the gallery. Valentina provides multiple opportunities and standpoints to interact with the subject matter within the architecture. Her passion for place arose from previous projects centred on travel and the flaneur, which questioned how and why we seek new horizons and experiences to give meaning to our lives.


Valentina has showcased her photographic works in galleries, institutions, artist-run spaces, and award shows around Australia. The visual artist has participated in international solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Norway, United Kingdom and Spain. Most recently, she presented a selection of works at the inaugural Sydney edition of The Other Art Fair for emerging artists in 2015. Valentina was a 2016 finalist in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award for Photography. She won the 2017 CLIP Award for Contemporary Landscape Photography at the Perth Centre for Photography.

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