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      5 Artworks That Celebrate Strong Women

      To celebrate International Women's Day, Lori Zimmer highlights 5 woman-centered artworks by exceptional female artists.

      By Lori Zimmer

      2018 is proving to be a milestone year for women around the world. The #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns have brought female empowerment to the fore on a scale greater than ever before. We celebrate the power of women with five artworks that show just how kick-ass and inspirational they can be.


      1. Wonder Woman by Ellannah Sadkin 

      Wonder Woman, 2016, by Ellannah Sadkin

      A bad-ass woman to look up to since the comic book’s inception in 1942, Wonder Woman has continued to inspire young women on television and film. Ellannah’s rendition takes a modern twist with a lens of abstraction, combining the energy of early comics while depicting her male cohorts as details in her famous mane. The hero-packed hair frames a blank face, giving the perception that the Wonder Woman character is a costume than any of us may adorn.


      2. Motherhood by Mikela Henry-Lowe 

      Motherhood, 2016, by Mikela Henry-Lowe

      The colorful painting captures our attention with its vibrant patterns and tones. But it’s the undeniable bond between mother and child that really gives us all the feels. Jamaican-born, London-based Henry-Lowe shows the beauty of black women, in a scenario we can all relate to.


      3. Wonderwall by Naomi Vona

      Wonderwall, 2016, by Naomi Vona

      Naomi’s colorful collage truly shows our #SQUADGOALS. There’s nothing stronger than sisterhood- whether with family or friends. Having your crew to rely on keeps us strong, and Naomi’s Wonderwall celebrates the sisterly bond!


      4. Ijo by Àsìkò

      Ijo by Àsìkò

      Àsìkò‘s models, hailing from Nigeria and Lagos, are strong women both in physique and character. Long and lean, this model exudes confidence, while also embracing heritage with her traditional costume.


      5. Dripping Flowers by Karenina Fabrizzi

      Dripping Flowers, 2017, by Karenina Fabrizzi

      Fabrizzi’s female form, which looks remarkably like the femme fatale Dita Von Teese, feels both sensual and strong. Flowers seems to drip from her body, tying her to the mystique and magic of nature. But it’s her stance that gets me- she’s in total control of her sexuality, commanding the viewer to submit.

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