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Tips for Selecting Art for Your Café or Restaurant

Own a cafe or a restaurant? Wan't to spice things up? Or make things a bit more homey? Take a look at a few other cafe's who have used Rise Art before, as well as a few tips and suggestions.

By Rise Art

Own a café or a restaurant? Want to spice things up or make it look more like a home? Take a look at a few other café's who are using Rise Art, and some tips on how to improve your establishment.

Century Club

Century Club, who used Rise Art for their venue, is a good example of a café who used works available on our site. We thought it would be good idea to share some tips and suggestions on how to choose art for your business.


Art, in many instances, is used as a statement piece – a centre of attention in a given area. However, in the situation of hanging art in a place where people come together to enjoy their time, company and meals, customers would most likely prefer something a little more relaxing. An easy way to accomplish this is to pick out colours already found in your decor. From the fabric of your chairs to the hue of your counter tops, there are plenty of places to look for inspiration.


All artworks are stunning, some however are more graphic and less appetising than others. This doesn't mean you should pick a typical painting of a coffee cup for a café, abstracts go really well for situations like these.

Le Petite Echo De La Mode No.55
Hormazd Narielwalla

With the right colour tone, it becomes an object interesting enough to gander at, while not taking the customers' interest completely away from enjoying their night. It's the subtle whispers of the artwork that we wish to go for in order to create that "at home" feeling.


Century Club

Although harsh colours have their own appeal, we can say with confidence that they don't have a place in a café. Unless the business is also a part-time gallery, or if it contains a more modern motif, the hue of a painting in comparison to your establishment should be one of your priorities. If the white balance is too vibrant or too blue, surprisingly enough, it causes a subconscious lack of appetite, which is most likely not something you would be going for. This bring us to our next tip.


Ever wondered why most fast-food joints have the colours yellow, red and orange incorporated into them? Scientific studies suggest that warm colours help to create a sensation of hunger, while cold tones, such as variations of blue and grey create somewhat of an appetite suppressant. Don't believe it? Let's test it out. Here's an example of a warm artwork by Patricial McParlin.

Patricia McParlin

Feeling hungry? Now try looking at something blue around you – notice a difference? All colours have different positive and negative aspects. If you're not into red, but still want your customers to stay around longer, feel free to search other colours and their effects online. There's a whole science on shades, variations and ratios of certain colours that can change the way you percieve many things.

Century Club

To wrap it up, here is a perfect example that follows all the tips. As you can see, the three artworks by Robert Pereira Hind tie the room together with its depictions in yellow, brown and red, keeping it true to the warm colour rule. On top of that, if you didn't notice already, the yellowish hue is very present, setting a comfortable tone for the whole room. Also, notice the content of the artworks: simple, not directly related to food and drink, but still potentially appetising. These three works are interesting pieces, that don't take away from the room, but rather add to it.

Our last tip? Filling your walls with art is always so much better than a blank space.


Need help choosing art for you establishment? CLICK HERE. We have a whole department set up just for you.

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