Patricia McParlin is a Welsh painter who explores the division between the seen and the imagined.
Patirica is interested in how the alchemy of colour, texture and form bestow the canvas with deeper meaning and presence.
Patricia’s work is award-winning and recognised worldwide.

The award-winning Welsh artist Patricia McParlin creates abstract canvases which challenge the division between what is seen and imagined, observed and remembered. The artist stands out for her ability to produce visual poetry, with abstract paintings which walk the line between the transcendental and the physical.

Patricia McParlin’s Early Career and Style

Patria studied at The University of Wales and The West Wales School of the Arts and has recently been selected as a member of The Royal Cambrian Academy. Patricia’s craft is influenced by her time working as a musician, writer and theatre practitioner. This cross-disciplinary influence manifests in symphonic paintings which are like music for the eyes; harmonious colour palettes meet sweeping and operatic brushstrokes. The artist is particularly interested in the material nature of painted surfaces, and how the alchemy of colour, form, space and texture bring a painting to life. Patricia is therefore always careful to respect and respond to the unique properties of her mixed-media paintings during the creative process.

Exhibitions and Collections

Patrica has enjoyed regular exhibitions worldwide; her work has been purchased by collectors, both nationally and internationally, and has been shortlisted for several national art awards.

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