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      Romantic Paintings

      Verity Babbs

      Curated by Verity Babbs

      Looking for the perfect romantic painting as a gift or as a new piece for your home? The Romantic Paintings collection features paintings, prints, photography that explore themes of intimacy, affection and romance. Each artwork has been hand-selected by our team of curators to present you with original artworks from leading contemporary artists.

      Romanic Art

      Romantic art is a term typically used to describe art related to The Romantic movement. Romanticism spanned across art and literature and introduced a new concern in human psychology and relationships with the natural world. Artworks in The Romantic Paintings collection reflect the themes of Romanticism, as well as bringing together works that explore human intimacy and relationships.

      Featured artists

      Amy Dury is a contemporary British artist working primarily in oils. Amy is interested in themes of nostalgia in her figurative paintings, combining abstract motifs with realistic elements to show tender and fleeting interactions. Gavin Dobson sees painting as a means of storytelling and unearthing narratives. He follows an intuitive process, often using the canvas as a palette. Many of Gavin’s paintings examine homosexuality, looking into various subcultures and the behaviours that still exist today in his expressive paintings.

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