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      Art for Landscape Lovers

      Verity Babbs

      Curated by Verity Babbs

      Landscapes are one of the most popular genres of art on our platform. We’ve curated a collection especially for landscape lovers, showcasing an assortment of paintings, prints and photographys. Browse our landscapes and explore original artworks hand-selected by our curators.

      Landscape Paintings

      Early landscapes tended to be based on imaginary places and very few paintings depicted actual landscapes. It was not until the introduction of ready-mixed oil paints in the 1870s that en plein air painting became widely practised and actual landscapes were used.

      The Legacy of the Landscape

      In addition to the traditional landscape, there are various other forms of ‘-scape’ which depict different scenes, for instance: cityscapes, seascapes, hardscapes – paved over areas such as streets and sidewalks, aerial landscapes which depict landscapes from above and inscapes – artworks which seek to convey the psychoanalytical view of the mind as a three-dimensional space.

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