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Discover inspiring artworks for the office. Our office edit showcases seminal artworks by ambitious artists, all expertly selected by leading curators. Explore a host of original paintings, prints, sculptures and more to ignite your office space. Whether you’re looking to revamp your work office with abstract designs or Marie Kondo your bureau with uniform minimalist details, a new piece of your choosing could be the antidote to feeling uninspired.

Energise your Office Space

Explore a range of uplifting artworks for sale. Charged with colour and pulsating with energy, floral lithographs such as Kansei: Like The Rivers Flow promise to revitalise even the dullest of spaces.

Bold quotes and bright colours are great ways to remedy low energy in the workspace. Proud typographical works like All The Way by Archie Proudfoot inspire and delight at first sight. Alternatively, edgy, puzzle-like prints such as Revolution by Ben Eine bring a vibrancy to any wall or interior.

Pillar your Brand Image

Sharp geometric forms and harmonious symmetry compliment a professional workspace perfectly. Intellectually evocative prints such as Moonlight by Bridgitte Williams deal with diagrams and graphics to explore the many signifiers of how our world works. Maps, numbers, places and objective forms combine to present a work of expert consideration and meticulous construction.

Also on brand for corporates seeking a refined and thoughtful feel are the geometric mixed-media paintings by Olivia Peake. Architectural scene Flux is flecked with shards of colour, interplaying sharp constructivist forms with visually soothing shades and tones.

Set the Scene

Subtle blue hues and sensitive, flowing brushstrokes instil calm and clarity in observers. Impressionist paintings like A Dreamier Blue by Andrew Kinmont are deeply emotive; perfect for a space of reflection.

Similarly, beautifully manipulated landscape shots such as Grand Canyon South by Eleanor Cunningham are brimming with intrigue and equally suitable for a space of quiet contemplation in the workplace.

Make An Impression

Hosting a business meeting? Need to impress new clients? Showcasing artworks by world-famous artists is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression on guests. Grammy Award-winning Stanley Donwood, for example, has produced all the album covers and promotional materials for Radiohead and Thom Yorke since 1994. His recognisable illustrative cityscapes and explorative Street Art prints such as L A Exit are perfect for kick-starting conversation.

For more office space art ideas, read our articles on 5 Ways to Decorate your Office with Art and Office Design: Impress The Best.

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