Hues of Blues


Curated by Cecile Martet

The Hues of Blues collection was curated for those collectors looking for a work of art to fit a scheme or space. The works featured range from vibrant abstract paintings, to figurative collages and expressionist landscapes. Whether you’re after a large scale investment piece, or wanting something to complete a salon hand, the Hues of Blues collection helps you find original art from leading artists to buy online today.


Blue, and the many shades of blues, have long been a desired colour in paintings and prints, as well as a popular feature of interior design schemes. Ranging from soft turquoises to deep indigos, the palette of blues on offer at Rise Art have something for every collector after a blue work of art.

Featured Artists

Glib Franko is a Ukranian artists combining abstract and expressionist techniques to form dynamic oil paintings. He includes subtle botanical motifs, referencing shapes from nature in his otherwise abstract paintings. Jeanette Lafontine’s series of expressive landscapes consist of gestural brushstrokes and bold colours. Jeanette’s acryllic paintings combine dark blue skies with purple mountains and yellow clouds to create otherworldly depictions of natural landscapes.

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