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Coastal Art


Curated by Cecile Martet

Looking for the perfect piece of art that transports you to a beach far away or brings back memories of a holiday? Our Coastal Art collection showcases a curated selection of paintings, prints and photography that capture far-flung seascapes, dreamy beaches and swirling oceans. Browse the collection and find original art for sale online.

The Collection

Whether you’re looking for a realistic work of art that inspires escapism, or you’re after something a little more abstract, the Costal Art collection offers something for every collector. Some of the works featured reference the meeting of land and sea, others evoke the warm colours of a beach, and some capture a tropical paradise.

Featured Artists

Discover Sue Kennington’s abstract paintings that draw on elements of in an expressive and gestural way. Or perhaps you are looking for an artwork that depicts a particular place? Philip Tyler responds to British seaside scenes, offering an impressionistic response to UK coastal landmarks. Leading photographer Tommy Clarke captures aerial seascapes, zooming out to portray natural landscapes in an abstract style.

Wanting to see more Beach Art? Discover hundreds of hand-selected artworks here.

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