Art Drop 002

Phin Jennings

Curated by Phin Jennings

Looking to discover new and original art? Art Drop 002 brings the latest works from four leading artists on the platform. Each artwork is exclusive to Rise Art, and we’re giving you a first look at the collection. The Art Drop was created to bring you never-before-seen works of art by emerging artists.

About Art Drop 002

Art Drop 002 is our first exclusive art release of 2022, and the second in the series, following on from Art Drop 001 in November 2021. The artists in the collection have all joined the platform within the last year, and are already some of our top artists to watch.

Featured Artists

Iain Andrews joined the platform since showing his work, Buen Provecho as part of our Emergence exhibition in 2021. Iain’s paintings hover between styles, and in a recent interview he told us that he seeks to “make works that hover somewhere between abstraction and figuration without fully belonging to one world or the other”. Asta Kulikauskaite Krivickiene is an abstract painter, and for Art Drop 002 she has taken inspiration from the colours, shapes and scenes of the natural world. Max Knoedl also looks to nature when creating his atmospheric oil paintings. For Art Drop 002, Max has responded to vast landscapes and intricate patterns found in the wild. Tabitha Soren is a former journalist, experimenting with techniques and layering to form unique works. Throughout her practice, Tabitha feels that it is her responsibility “to keep making work even if it doesn’t gel with current trends”.

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