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Curated by Phin Jennings

One way of thinking of art is as a way of making sense of the world. Artists might be seen as translators, re-ordering the world as they see it in order to make it intelligible.

As viewers and collectors, maybe our job (or an optional leisure activity for us) is to make sense of the artist's offering; to try to understand and their unique version of the world. This way, we can build a mental library, make a map of different modes of experiencing things through the eyes of artists.

We have welcomed a number of new artists to the platform recently, and it is clear to me where some of them should go in my own mental library. For example, Virginia Bodman's semi abstract oil paintings are evocative of Philip Guston and Paolo Notaristefano's vast interiors I place next to Anselm Kiefer's similarly vast-yet-gloomy spaces.

Other artists are much more difficult to categorise - I can't find a reference point for Willie Nash's headstone-esque sculptures or Piper Olivas' tender photographs. Maybe, as viewers, we shouldn't expect to be able to make every artist and artwork fit into our personal schemas, which will always be at least partly incomplete.

Exploring the pieces in this collection, I encourage you to think about which other artists and artworks you might place them in proximity to - and whether there are any that occupy a space completely of their own.

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